Feb 28, 2022

What to Expect from the New Login System on March 12

Beyond a new way to log in, there are a few other changes coming your way on March 12. Here’s a rundown of everything you can expect with this release.

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Keeping your student, behavior, and survey data secure is one of our highest priorities. We regularly update our systems to make sure the data you enter remain confidential. The way you log into the applications is a critical component of the overall security. It is time to give it an update.

Starting March 12, the way you log into PBISApps and access your applications will be different. Overall, the process should feel similar to other login processes you’ve used and you’ll only need to log in once to access all of your applications. It’s intuitive. It’s efficient. We know you’re going to love it.

Here are the details.

A New Way to Log In and Log Out

Logging in starts by clicking the Log In button in the upper right-hand corer of the screen, as usual. That takes you to a new page where you’ll enter your email address and password. It’s a process that might feel familiar; it’s similar to the login process on sites like Google or Facebook.

Once you’re logged in, you’re bumped automatically back to the PBISApps homepage where the Log In button is replaced by a circle with four squares inside (or a photo of you) in the right-hand corner. Hover your mouse over the circle and a new menu drops down called the App Launcher. That’s where all of your apps live. You’ll also see a dark blue button that says Log Out. Click it once to log out of every app, automatically.

Self-Service Account Management

It’s your access, you should be the one in control of it. Whether you need finish setting up access to a new application or you need to change your current password, we’re offering you more opportunities to manage your own account.

  • Use the Forgot Password link on the login page to send yourself an email and reset your password.
  • New users receive an email prompting them to finish setting up their account by setting their PBISApps password.

Use the Account Management workspace to change your password any time. One more nice feature in Account Management: You can personalize your login with a profile picture! Click the silhouette next to your name and then click Go to Gravatar to set your profile image.

Attention Facilitators: 3 SAMI Changes, Training Account Login, and a Bonus Feature

In order to keep password information completely self-serve, we needed to make a few changes in SAMI.

  • The school Login button is gone. To log into a specific school’s account, click on SWIS Suite in your App Launcher and then click the name of the school from the Select School menu.
  • The Password field for setting up or editing a user is gone. Everyone gets to manage their own password information now. When setting up a new user, your last step is to click the Send Account Setup Email button, which shoots off an email to the user asking them to set their password. If someone forgets their password and asks you to reset it, let them know they can use the Forgot Password link in the Login screen.
  • User email addresses cannot be changed in SAMI. If anyone needs to change their email address or username, contact our Customer Support Team and someone will gladly help make those changes for you.

Bonus SAMI Feature: You can now set up Referral Entry Only users in SAMI as well as in SWIS!

We also gave your facilitator training account a new home. To access your training account, you'll click on the green Demos button at the top right-hand corner of the PBISApps homepage and then click the SWIS Suite Training button. Your training account login information stays the same.

PBIS Assessment Users: Taking Surveys Remains Mostly the Same

Your experience in PBIS Assessment will be largely unchanged. Anyone taking a multi-response survey like the School Climate Survey will still use a link to access the survey and submit their responses. Coordinators, you'll use the new login process to access PBIS Assessment. Once in the app, there are only two differences you'll notice:

  • You cannot edit users' email addresses.
  • Account Overview appears as a menu item along the top of the screen.

One New Perk for PBIS Eval Users

Everything about the way you use the application remains the same. The one feature we want to be sure you know about is: The App Launcher makes it possible for you to jump from PBIS Eval directly to another app you use without using the back button on your browser!

Menu Changes for DataLink Users

The application you use to manage the way you and your schools participate in DataLink has a couple of changes we wanted to point out. The first one is a small one: The Notification Management menu is now called Email Management. The second change is where you'll find the Switch Role function; it's now in the upper navigation bar.

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