PBIS Evaluation is a web-based application combining data from the SWIS Suite and PBIS Assessment across all schools within a state, region, or district. The data provided in PBIS Evaluation address the three most frequently assessed evaluation questions a state, region, or large district faces:
  1. Which schools are actively engaged in SWPBIS implementation?
  2. Are schools implementing SWPBIS with fidelity?
  3. Is the implementation having an effect on student behavior? 
By including data from the SWIS Suite and PBIS Assessment, evaluators have the ability to generate reports to answer specific questions related to office discipline referral (ODR) rates, whether schools are implementing to criterion, and how all of these measures compare across schools within the district, region, and state.
PBIS Evaluation is available to any person or team formally connected to a district-, region-, or state-level SWPBIS leadership team and has the responsibility to evaluate SWPBIS implementation.