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May 2, 2014

Announcing the New Features of SWIS 5.2

You’ve asked where they’ve been, and now, they’re back! The Triangle Report, Data Integrity Report, and Year-End Report make their return with SWIS 5.2​.

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Some exciting new features are coming to the SWIS Suite, May 16th. We focused on bringing you year-end reports, accuracy checks throughout the system, and greater data entry efficiency. This release is jam-packed with features. Here are some of our favorites:

The Return of Some Old Reporting Favorites

You’ve asked where they’ve been, and now, they’re back! The Triangle Report, Data Integrity Report, and Year-End Report make their return with SWIS 5.2.

Triangle Report

Compare your green, yellow, and red zones between school years with the Triangle Report. Though the triangle is more of a rectangle in this report, you will get a clear picture of how many students reported 0-1, 2-5, 6 or more problem behaviors from year to year.

Data Integrity Report

A summary of possible data entry inaccuracies is available right on the SWIS dashboard giving you quick access to ensure all data in your SWIS account are clean. The smart icon in the upper right-hand corner provides you with another reference point – the green check mark means you’re in the clear. A red exclamation point indicates there are some pieces to double-check.

The addition of the Data Integrity Report coupled with a new Duplicate Avoidance system will certainly ensure your data are accurately reported.

Year-End Report

Get an overview of the entire year’s-worth of SWIS data in the Year-End Report. Choose to view all 10 reports or select the ones you need. The Year-End Report is a great place to look back on how you did in response to problem behaviors this year as well as a great starting point as you plan for next year.

Faster CICO-SWIS Data Entry

For some schools, entering point card data in CICO-SWIS can be a slow process. If you have more than 20 students enrolled in CICO, you know what we mean. Efficiency is at the core of the SWIS Suite. Slow data entry times are unacceptable. With this release, we introduce a revamped CICO-SWIS data entry screen. From the moment you open the Data Entry workspace, you’ll notice how much faster the application responds. Because the workspace look and feel is so different, be sure to check out the tutorial we put together so you get a sense of the changes.

Drill Down

You’ve asked for the ability to include more data in the Drill Down report. With this release, you can use the following data to better define problem behavior with precision:

  • Problem Behavior subtypes are now included in the Problem Behavior filter
  • Custom Fields now display in the report table
  • Race/Ethnicity now display in the report table
  • All three Ethnicity graphs can be selected as a graph type

Do More with Person Management

Several small features in this release add up to a major change in the way you will use student and staff rosters throughout the SWIS Suite. All rosters load more quickly and can be filtered in multiple ways. Select to view just your students with referrals, or just students enrolled in CICO-SWIS. New functionality has been added allowing you to update multiple statuses all at once with one click.

View Previous Years’ Data on the Student Dashboard

Up until this release, you could only view the current year’s data on the Student Dashboard. Now, you can select previous years to report.

Here is a full list of features included in SWIS 5.2:


  • Referrals entered during the user's current session are now visible and accessible on the referral entry screen.

Data Integrity System

  • Data Integrity Summary is available on the SWIS Dashboard
  • Full report includes checks for the following:
  • Any staff members, non-staff members, or students missing district id
  • Duplicate staff, non-staff, or student entries
  • Staff members, non-staff member, or students with duplicate district ids
  • Duplicate referrals?
  • Referrals out of date range (referrals before 1997 or with future dates)?
  • Referrals out of time range (before 7:00 am or after 5:00 pm) if your school doesn’t use the 24-hour clock?
  • Referrals with Action Pending marked as the Action Taken?
  • Missing or incomplete School Days data?
  • School Days data out of range (too many days, too few days)?
  • Missing/incomplete School Enrollment data
  • School Enrollment data out of range (greater than 2500 students)?
  • Students with a Disability Category marked as To be Obtained?
  • Students on an IEP with no Disabilities identified?
  • Inactive/Archived students enrolled in CICO-SWIS
  • Inactive/Archived students in ISIS-SWIS with open student files

Drill-down Report

  • Moved Problem Behavior Subtype filters to the Problem Behavior section
  • Added Custom Field columns to the Drill-Down Report table
  • Added Race/Ethnicity column to the Drill-Down Report table
  • Added all Ethnicity graph types:

                  -Ethnicity Graph 1: Referrals by Ethnicity

                   -Ethnicity Graph 2: Students With Referrals By Ethnicity

                   -Ethnicity Graph 3: Referral Risk Indices (Ethnicity)

  • Redesigned the Student/Staff filters to improve performance

Triangle Report – New Report

  • Now available in the reports section


  • The Student Summary now shows

                   -Days Currently Enrolled in CICO

                    -Total Days Enrolled in CICO

CICO-SWIS Data Entry - Redesigned

  • Data Entry workspace renders faster, even with a large number of enrolled students
  • Replaced the Quick Find with a dropdown search
  • The selected student stays open when moving between days
  • Added a confirmation when hitting the clear/cancel button
  • Hitting the enter key will save edits
  • Tutorial video plays the first time a user comes to the data entry page.
  • Video tutorial is accessible from within the Data Entry workspace.


  • Multiple reports can be open at once

Global Features

Person Management

  • Pagination for Person Management improves performance
  • Search looks at SWIS Id, District Id, First Name, Last Name, and Email (for staff/non-staff)
  • Mass change the status of many people at once
  • The list can be filtered to display:

                   -All Students

                   -Only Students with Referrals

                   -Only those enrolled in CICO-SWIS

                   -Only those Enrolled in ISIS-SWIS.

  • This feature is available anywhere the student list is shown (referral entry, drill down, student dashboard, etc.)
  • The CICO & ISIS columns have been hidden based on the schools subscription

Student Dashboard

  • Select which school-year of data to display for a student
  • The CICO-SWIS Individual Student Count graph is hidden when viewing non-current school years
  • Redesigned the student selection system to improve performance
  • The Student Summary now shows

                    -Days Currently Enrolled in CICO

                    -Total Days Enrolled in CICO

Year End Report – New Report

  • Accessible from Reports menu
  • All data tables are now expandable
  • Tool-tips now show the full column title on grids
  • 10 Reports are included in the Year-End Report:

                    -Referrals Per 100 Students Per Year Report

                    -Proportion of Referrals by Problem Behavior Report

                    -Referrals Per 100 Students Per Day by Grade Report

                   -Referrals Per 100 Students Per Day by Location Report

                    -Proportion of Referrals by Time Report

                    -Proportion of Referrals by Day of Week Report

                   -Suspension/Expulsion Report

                    -IEP Summary Report

                    -Ethnicity / Race Summary Report

                    -Triangle Data Report

  • Triangle data table has been reworked to make it easier to interpret and understand the data

Duplicate Avoidance

  • Duplicate checking on Student, Staff, and Non-Staff

                    -A district id cannot be assigned to an existing person of the same type (student/staff/non-staff)

                    -If the school is not using district ids, the first name - last name combination must be unique to one person within the same type (student/staff/non-staff)

                   -Email (for staff and non-staff) must be unique

  • Duplicate checking on Referrals

                    -Checks to see if the referral (checking every field except for notes) already exists in the database

                    -If the referral exists, SWIS will display the duplicate referral for review

                    -SWIS prompts the user either to edit the referral they tried to enter, or save without editing the information (allowing them to enter the duplicate)


  • School Settings

                  -Custom Fields – Select to make any custom field required

  • Account Settings

                  -Select whether referral entry defaults to Major or Minor

                  -Select to show or hide names on the SWIS dashboard

All Graphs

  • Small values (less than 1) scale and display with better precision
  • Generate zoomed versions of all graphs.
  • Updated the color on graphs with multiple bars to better match single bar graphs

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