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Nov 3, 2014

Announcing the New Features of SWIS 5.4

An updated version of SWIS is coming October 16. Included in this fall release are two brand new features!

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An updated version of SWIS is coming November 14. Included in this fall release are two brand new features: Invoice/Subscription Status and Person Import.

Invoice and Subscription Status

If you have questions about your invoice, need a copy of it, or would like to pay it online, you will be able to do it all from the convenience of any SWIS Suite dashboard. If your account’s subscription has not been paid, a notification appears on each application’s dashboard alerting you to the current status.

  • Yellow Notification = Invoice is currently due
  • Red Notification = Invoice is more than 30 days past due
  • No Notification = Invoice is paid

You can also access your invoices and subscription status by heading up Tools and selecting Subscriptions. Invoices for the current school year are available along with a quick view of their status:

  • Green with ✔= Invoice is current and paid
  • Yellow with ! = Invoice is unpaid and currently due
  • Red with ! = Invoice is unpaid and more than 30 days past due
  • Gray = Your school doesn't have a subscription to this application

Person Import

With this release, the SWIS Suite offers the first of two new data integration solutions for subscribing schools: SWIS Person Import. Double-entering information in SWIS as well as your student information system (SIS) takes time. Starting November 14, you will be able to import student and staff rosters. Here are additional details about this new service:​

Description Import the student and staff roster for an individual school from your SIS into SWIS using an interface provided within the school’s SWIS account.
Who Uploads? Anyone with:

-Access to an individual SWIS account

-Access to download a student/staff roster from the SIS in the appropriate file format

Technical expertise is recommended, but not a requirement for this process.
Upload Method? Manual Process
Users upload an individual file directly through the SWIS application as needed.
How Often? Once at the beginning of the year. Again as needed when new students and staff enroll in the building.

How to Get Started? Head to Data Integration on for more information

Stay tuned for details on the second data integration option as the school year progresses!

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