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May 12, 2017

ISIS-SWIS to Become I-SWIS This Summer

PBISApps announces a new name for one of the applications in the SWIS Suite.

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Eugene, OR – Today, PBISApps announces a new name for one of the applications in the SWIS Suite. Effective mid-summer 2017, the Individual Student Information System (ISIS-SWIS) will become Individual-SWIS (I-SWIS). Materials associated with the application will be updated and posted to the PBISApps website to coincide with the name change.

The decision to change the application's name comes in an effort to distance PBISApps from other groups using the same acronym and to prevent brand confusion.

I-SWIS is the part of the SWIS Suite focused on supporting individual students to improve academic, behavioral, or mental health outcomes. The application takes pieces of information typically scattered across multiple platforms and gives it all a single, online home accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. With I-SWIS, users get

  • customizable data entry screens
  • document storage
  • an address book with team member contact information
  • reports about student outcomes
  • reports about how the plan was implemented
  • the flexibility to make real-time changes to student plans

About PBISApps

PBISApps is the home of web-based applications used by schools, districts, regions, and states in the US and abroad as part of their on-going decision-making processes. Educators have been using PBISApps for more than a decade to make schools safer, more productive learning environments – empowering them to make data-driven decisions in real time. PBISApps is run by Educational and Community Supports, a research center at the University of Oregon. Find more information at ​

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