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Teach by Design is PBISApps' newest space for transforming complex research into straight-forward solutions. We give K-12 leaders and educators tools and strategies you need to make your classrooms more effective and equitable places where you spend more time teaching and less time negotiating student behavior. Every second Tuesday of the month we will come out with a new article designed to help you with a common problem.


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  • ​​Check-In Check-Out is a great way to help students manage their behavior when they need just a little more practice. Learn about common pitfalls and simple strategies to make your CICO program run smoothly.
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  • Predicting year-end student outcomes in October doesn't seem possible, but it's backed by research. Read on to find out more!

  • Sharing data with all school staff invites everyone to participate in problem solving and to find solutions. Here are three ways schools creatively share data in their buildings.​
  • SWIS facilitator, Bob Koenig, shares his experience getting his district's transportation department up and running with the SWIS application.